Hardambil – Press Kit


A real-time strategy game

Fact Sheet

  • Release Date: 1st quarter 2018
  • Platforms: Android (released), iOS (to be released)
  • Distribution: Regional (currently), Global (to be released)
  • AppStore: CafeBazaar (released), GooglePlay, other stores (to be released)
  • Language: Multilanguage
  • Developer: Deedema Games
  • Website: hardambil-game.com
  • Contact: hardambil@deedema.com


Hardambil is a card game at heart, Player collect cards and make strategy by sorting decks. When the player engages the others random cards draws from his decks and he chooses right card to advance his strategy.
Every time a card draws, its spawn a character that moves in the battleground and fights against the enemy units. Also, the player controls a hero with unique abilities who have a great effect on the battlefield.


  • Real-time strategy battle
  • More than 50 cards with unique abilities
  • 6 Heroes and arenas in different themes
  • Social features like chat, clan, and social network sharing


  • Ali Afshari: Backend Programmer
  • Arash Hakimi: Quality Assurance
  • Kazem Mirnezami: Backend Programmer
  • Mehdi Alibeygi: Concept Artist
  • Mohammad Aflak: Concept Artist
  • Mohammad Reza Asghari: Sound And Music
  • Mohammad Iraji: Producer and Programmer
  • Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi: Technical Artist
  • Reza Sedghi: 3D Artist
  • Roham Sajadi: Game Designer
  • Sajad Jalali: Backend Programmer
  • Salman Abdollahi: Programmer
  • Seyed Mahdi Dabestani: Producer
  • Soheila Dianati: Production Assistant


hardambil game screenshot
hardambil game screenshot


hardambil heros