A real-time strategy game


Hardambil is an MMO real-time strategy game developed for Android and iOS. 

The game is a fast-paced, card-based PvP brawler. In Hardambil you collect troops, and use them to destroy your opponent’s heroes and towers!

Having different heroes and specific art style and theme makes Hardambil a unique mobile game.

Hardambil is going to be released in early summer 2018.


More than 40 unique characters

Troops in Hardambil has made from clay! So be prepared for unexpected animations and characteristics…

6 arenas and heroes

There are 6 arena and their heroes, explore the game and discover new arena. Master your heroes and beat your enemies.

Socialize and chat with friends

Shape your community with your friends and congregate in the clan. help each other to beat other clans.