What Is Deedema?

We are a bunch of young adventurers with different kinds of high quality education and expertise, gathered together in order to create some wonderful magic that will blow your minds!

We have put all our capabilities and passion to make awesome games.

If you haven’t heard about us so far, soon you shall!

Our Games

We are a young company and our magic is just starting! However, we are working on some mind-blowing ideas right now!


Hardambil is a real-time strategy arena where you command your heroes to disembowel your foes. There will be blood! Kidding! The minions are made of clay with super fun characteristics.

Now, get your hands dirty
and join the battle!

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Flipping Filip

An action adventure with high detailed art & animation, Flipping Flip is a 2D adventure video game with some action runner scenes. It has eye catching animation & art & also interesting story.

Enjoy Animation
and Game together!

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Project Awesome

This game will be a door! Not an ordinary one and not even a door to a mystery land. Instead, it’s a magical door which opens to unlimited fantastic worlds!
Can you believe it? No?! But you should!

Just be patient a little more…
And magic shall begin!

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Meet The Team

Lead Animator
Game Designer
Associate Producer
Backend Developer
Designer & Director
Programmer & Game Designer
Marketing & Public Relations
QA Analyst
Office Manager
Game Designer
Technical Artist


Here, you will know what's going on inside our group. Keep up with us, you'll find it worthy of the time it takes!


  • I shall bestow my divine light upon them, as one of my most favourite men lives among them…

    The Lord, Almighty
    Creator of the Universe
  • They are the best company ever. I wish I was alive and I had the chance to work for them!

    Steve Jobs
    CEO of Apple


Tehran, Iran

  • No.11 Unit 6, South Motahhari Street
  • Darya Boulevard, Sa'adat Abad, Tehran, Iran
  • +(98) 21 4368 3552